Do you take your arthritis meds with fruit Juice?

Do you take your arthritis med with fruit Juice?

If yes, think again. Fruit juice may not let you achieve remission…..
And why is that So?

Many fruits, especially grapefruit juice & possibly orange, starfish, Seville apple juice affect the absorption of methotrexate from the intestine.

Methotrexate is absorbed in the intestine by a pump called OATP. These juices contain chemicals that block this pump & decrease absorption of methotrexate. Grapefruit also blocks CY 350 which affects other meds.

So now that we know about this, what can we do?

1) Avoid taking methotrexate with any fruit juice.
2) Keep a gap of at least 2 hours between methotrexate fruit & any fruit juice.