Is twitter the best place to know what’s happening at ACR 2012?

The annual conference of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) is a  mega conference with thousands of delegates from across the globe &  multiple lectures running simultaneously. It is an annual pilgrimage for all the Rheumatologists with the aim of updating themselves.

However, even if one attends the conference, it is practically impossible to attend all the lectures. ACR has done a great job in solving this problem with ‘Session Select’. With ‘Session Select’ one can view the recorded lectures on the net. However, after the conference is over; once the daily grind starts; this rarely happens.

In recent times, a better solution seems to be brewing – Twitter. A bunch of Rheumatologists & intelligent patients have been tweeting ‘important take home messages’ from various lectures & abstracts. You can get a highly refined & ‘ready to use’ from all over the conference on twitter.

Media coverage of the conference does not seem to have started yet. Google yields a single relevant Medscape  page ‘what’s hot at ACR 2012?’  Media coverage may also be biased towards reporting about newer drugs & trials rather than clinical pearls.  Just follow #ACR2012 on twitter & I’m sure you will not miss out on anything.