Help us design the iOS Lupus app

It is almost a year since the Mumbai Arthritis Clinic App for android was launched. It has had a phenomenal response with more than 2000 downloads & 50 reviews.

It has been rated the best lupus app by Laptop magazine & an average score of 4.5 out of 5 on google play.

We would like to help more lupies with the app & are all set to launch an iOS version soon.
The app is designed around you & would like to have your suggestions for inclusion in the iOS version.

Have a quick look at the previous blogpost about the features of the android app.
Please help us design a better app for iOS.

It would have all the features included in the android app –
1) Help you manage appointments better.
2) Keep a track of your Lupus activity
3) Store your prescription & set medicine reminders
3) Make a note of questions you want to ask your Rheumatologist.
4) Store all the important snaps (eg. a rash that you have) for showing it to your Rheumatologist later.
5) A Lupus eBook.
6) Mail your Rheumatologist.

However, the best Lupus app can only be designed if I know what you want from it.
Kindly post your suggestions (however silly, weird they may sound) so that they can be incorporated in the app.

Looking forward to your suggestions for inclusion in the iOS app…
You may also tweet your suggestions using the hashtag #lupusiOS

10 Responses to Help us design the iOS Lupus app

  1. I think a good addition to the app would include a place where comfortable clothing for persons with lupus could be purchased.


  2. Make sure the symptom tracker encompasses all aspects of health. Offer section to track triggers of symptoms – environmental, nutritional and stress. The app should refer to trusted resources for the newly diagnosed. Include information on everything from butterfly rash and mouth sores to fatigue and early onset menopause.


  3. Delores Bandy says:

    Pls find a way to cater to the teens that struggle with this illness I have a 15 daughter newly diagnosed & there nothing out here for her everything for adults


    • Amy Mooneyham says:

      @Delores, has your daughter seen a pediatric rheumie? They have resources that might help her in a way regular rheumies can’t. A young friend of mine also has been diagnosed as a teen and facing the disease at such a young age is overwhelming. I, too have lupus and while we both have the disease, I have support resources that just don’t focus on a teen’s needs and some sights talk about personal issues that are just too mature for her, now. Her battle is different han mine.dra


  4. Sandra says:

    In the doctor tab be allowed to list the contact information for your lupus medical team, example: cardiologist, rheumatologist, internal medicine, pharmacy, etc. A link for last and next doctor’s appts would be nice too.


  5. Heather Seymour says:

    I currently use a symptom tracker and the part that you type a description of symptoms needs to have more space. I have to abbreviate so much, that I can’t include any details, only simple statements.


  6. Eman says:

    * Can we make a list of uncommon symptoms or have it in a data bank that can be searched for and the posters solution for it (if any)?
    As you know it’s a mad illness and none of us can be sure of whether or not what we have is related to lupus.

    *On the other hand some of us can be crossing more than one condition in addition to lupus….and thus different new types of symptoms arise. If it would be possible to list those.

    Wonderful work Doc. Priceless really…God bless you


  7. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog
    and check again here frequently. I am quite sure
    I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!


  8. Dr Zahid says:

    Hi There, i am Dr Zahid, developer for this Lupus App, long with Dr Akerkar.
    I have taken note of all your valuable suggestions and already began working on these to include it in the Lupus App for Apple platform.
    Some one suggested that option for purchasing clothing & all should be included in app, but i would like to say that as per Apple’s policy, we cannot include any buying or selling within the App, so for now its not possible to include this feature.
    Rest of all features will try to include as soon as possible.
    you are most welcome to suggest any new feature to be added to the App.


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