The Mumbai Arthritis Lupus app is live

The Lupus App is ready. The beta version is here with all your suggestions.

You can download the app at

Or use the QR code below, and you are ready to explore the ‘Mumbai arthritis Clinic Lupus App’

Mumbai Arthritis Clinic Lupus app screenshot

Here is what you can do with the app—

1) Add appointment details with the Rheumatologist. The app can remind you with an alarm if you wish to.

2) I am sure; many of you have a habit of making a list of points to be discussed with the Rheumatologist. However, you end up forgetting many points at the time of consultation. The Lupus app can be of help. You can store the ‘points to be discussed’ here & discuss them with your Rheumie.

Mumbai arthritis Clinic Lupus app screenshot

3) You can keep a track of your symptoms. A new rash; click a snap & the app will store it for you. Whenever you see your Rheumie next, no need to go through the entire gallery to search for the image.

Mumbai Arthritis Clinic Lupus App 3

4) You can store your entire prescription. The app can remind you of the medications on time.

Mumbai Arthritis Clinic app 4

5) A complete Lupus book for your reference is embedded in the app.

Mumbai Arthritis Clinic app

6) Do you go hunting for information whenever your rheumy asks for a new investigation? The app can of help. It has a Lupus glossary in store for easy retrieval of information.

Mumbai Arthritis Lupus App

7) You can mail your Rheumatologist as & when required.

The app is far from complete. I would be happy to get comments & feedback to improve the app. It is in Beta phase now & the final version would include your suggestions. Dr. Zahid (@Zahid_shah123 — ZK MediTechLabZ) is up & ready to make the necessary changes to bring up the final version. He is the technical man behind the app.

Though the app has some specific features for Lupus; the general features can be used by those with Rheumatoid arthritis as well.

So the go ahead & take charge of your Lupus. Download the app at